The church

The church

église sainte marie du mont

Listed as a historic monument in 1840, the church of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont is made up of several parts of different styles due to the fact that they were built in different centuries.
Started by its roman nave in the 11th century, it was continued in the 12th century with collaterals and then transept. In the 14th century, the choir and the bays of the collaterals were built. In the 16th century, its bell tower and dome rose. They are remarkable in Cotentin by their look. Finally, in the 17th century the sacristy was built.

Restorations: in 1843 the Renaissance upper floor was restored. New restuaration works, started in 2017, are underway at the church tower and will end in 2019.

A war memorial is placed in front of its main entrance, but the cemetery is further east up towards the beach.

A visit inside the church allows to discover objects also classified historical monuments (stained glasses, pulpit, statue)

From the top of the bell tower, watchmen from the German army were observing the surroundings.
Then the church, placed at the top of a hill and visible from the beach, was the witness, and a reference point, of the Allied landings on June 6, 1944. Thus, the dome was damaged by two shells of 105 fired from the battery of Holdy located more inside the ground. The confessional and the external tower walls remain marked by the impact of American bullets.
Every year in June, World War II enthusiasts gather around the church with their vintage jeeps and other military vehicles.


anniversaire du 6 juin 44

August 15th is the day of the village festival. Many animations take place. A pedestrian race starts from the historic beach utah beach and ends at the church square where the fairground rides are located. On several occasions, by day and by night, floats long made by the inhabitants according to a theme chosen from months before travel through the village and revolve around the church square.


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