International march for peace

International march for peace

For years, hundreds of people have traveled the Cotentin countryside to promote peace during an event called “Walk for Peace”. Following the march for peace organized in 2006 around the parish of Holy Mother Church, the international peace march took off the following year in 2007. No matter the confession of its participants or whether they are secular, they come from different horizons: Australia, United States, Great Britain, India, Germany or different regions of France. Some, unfortunately few, lived during the Second World War and are precious witnesses.

La Marche Pour La Paix (crédit

pedestrians for peace (crédit

A starting point is chosen every year and so far the weather has been good for the walkers.
They will surely tell you that it is important but what is more important is the good mood and the sharing of the effort. It is this last feeling that makes those who have tasted a first step come back the following years when they can.

In 2014, the start was given on the beach of Utah-beach.
This beach is famous in history because the American troops landed on June 6, 1944. It was the biggest landing in the world history.
It is on this occasion that the beach of the madeleine was renamed code named “Utah beach”.
This makes this place a real symbol for peace.

On the morning of May 31, Bishop Monseigneur Le Boulch gave the start of the March which lasted the day with a well-deserved break at noon at Sainte Marie du Mont.

In 2017, the international march for peace was followed by a drone pilot (Jacques Renoir). In 2018, the international march for peace will leave Carentan.


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